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'The Light Shines Almost All The Way' is the latest offering from Norwegian band AI Phoenix.

Their lo-fi panache has previously drawn comparisons with selected Velvet Underground tracks such as 'Pale Blue Eyes' and 'Jesus', and with lo-fi standards, Low. 'The Light Shines Almost All The Way' takes the band's output much further on from these comparisons. Ten years on from their debut album, 'Film', AI Phoenix have come a long way. Their sound is now full, rich and accomplished whilst maintaining their solid minimalistic ideals.

Delicious vocals from Patrick Lundberg and Mona Mark are reminiscent of those from Sarah Records bands, Heavenly and The Field Mice. Their voices are sleepy, but not dreary, and provide an ethereal quality on each of the tracks. Whereas other lo-fi bands are often described as being depressing and melancholic, AI Phoenix could never be tarred with this brush. Patrick and Mona's vocals are silky smooth, effortless and often upbeat and are easily matched by simple well thought out melodies.

'The Light Shines Amost All the Way' shows that AI Phoenix have indeed, by their own admission, been inspired by a wide range of artists such as Leonard Cohen, Sonic Youth and Stina Nordenstam. It also shows that they can cleverly draw from these inspirations without ever being accused of being jumping on any particular one bandwagon.

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